Body Repair & Paint On The 1972 SS Nova Firewall

Body Repair & Paint On The 1972 SS Nova Firewall

Today August 8 2013

we finished the body repair & paint work on the firewall of the 1972 SS Nova. There were a few patches, and some general smoothing of the metal on the firewall of the car. The Nova did come to us in pretty good condition for a Utah car.

It has mostly been repairing the bad repair work from the past, this does happen a lot in this bus...

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1972 Nova Moves To Etch Primer

The 1972 SS Nova has moved to the etch primer stage, we are not that far from finishing the car. It goes to the rotisserie next so we can finish up the bottom side of the car.


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How To Find The Right Classic Car To Restore


I can’t say it enough you need to evaluate your skill level and buy a classic car that fits in your skill set to restore. The last thing that you need to to bury yourself in a project that you can’t complete.

A car restoration project is supposed to be fun and challenging. It’s supposed to give you a feeling of accomplishment rather then defeat at the end. I’d suggest that you make a list of your automotive skills and give each one a rank between 1 and 10.

Be truthful with yourself because this is what will help you determine what car you will buy. Remember this is not rocket science it’s just common sense. Yes you will spend more money if the car is in better condition but it’s better to spend the money at the first an get a car that you can finish.

Below I will give a lis...

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