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Most camaro owners had one or wnated one, I fall in to the first category. I absolutly loved my 1969 Z/28 Camaro, and I still do, some things will never change.

Chevrolet was having a rare moment of clarity on the day that they has this idea, and it did them justice, it produced one of the most popular muscle cars ever built, one of the most sought after body style’s ever created.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love Chevrolet I think that they do a great job of building cars and trucks, but most companies will have that one great idea, the one that truly pays off in the long run, and the Camaro was one of those ideas.

I will have one again some day, but until then, I guess I’m charged with spreading the word, I love all Camaro’s but the 1969 camaro is a special case for me, and hopefully you to.

Usually if somebody had a problem with a camaro, it was because they had been beaten by one, tuck your tail between your legs, and run.

In our afforts to locate sites that focus on the first generstion of the camaro, we have found a lot that provide very good information, but we’re looking to do it a bit different here, we will never stray awawy form our idea of being one on the best, and most complete first generation camaro sites on the web, and you can help by asking the questions.

It’s obvious to tell that I’m a huge fan of the 1969 camaro, and as such I will promote it to no end, it’s getting about time to get another one, this time a hot rod camaro. 1969 Camaro Engine

Camaro’s were modified, and kept factory stock, their owners loved them, they had fun with their cars, people just found them to be a special car, and customized them how they wanted them to be.

The first generation camaro is important to us, and we’d like to see as many of them on the road as possible, so we have created a place for the first generation camaro enthusiast to spend their time on the net, we love them, and we hope you do to, please feel free to join the forums, and the blog, and ask all the questions you’d like, we’ll work our hardest to answer every single question that you have.

Rather you like them, or hate them, they made one of the biggest hits in the muscle car world. Many people tried to beat them down, and a lot of people talked bad about them, but that was just because they got beat by one, this site is dedicated to helping people find find what they need to build, or restore their first generation camaros.

please enjoy the web site, and if you have any suggestions about how we can improve it to better suite your idea of a camao info web site, please go to our forums, and let us know, we’ll add a user suggestions forum just for you, give us all the input that you can, and we’ll make this site work for you.

The cross ram was an available option on the 1969 Z/28 camaro, also available was the four wheel disc brake option, all Z/28’s came with a 12 bolt positraction rear end, multi leaf springs, and special interior options like a center console with gauges, and a rock crusher 4 speed, and a turbohydromatic automatic transmission.

On this site we aim to provide people who own a first generation camaro with a clearing house of information for those cars, we realize that it can be hard to find the info that you need, and we’re working hard to provide the most, and highest quality information that you can find about them, we realize that this is not an easy task, so we ask you to help by asking the questions, on our blog, or in the forums.

In the end we hope that this web site is just what your looking for, that’s why we say that all you have to do is ask, and we’ll locate what your need to help you with your car, this site is truly all about you, and your car, we want you to enjoy the time the you spend here, and join in, and have some fun. You can find parts for your restoration project and catalogs for classic carmaros at http://www.classicindustries.com/camaro/catalog.html

If restoring a classic car piece by piece…. inch by inch… with love and dedication of the course of months to years…. is not for you you can still explore the wonders of operating a classic car either by buying one or renting one.